Resistance & Revenge

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Resistance & Revenge
Book-cover-resistance and revenge.jpg
Author Jacques Derogy
Translator A. M. Berrett
Publication Year 1990
Format Hardbound
No. of Pages 206
Language English, French
Category Genocide, History

“RESISTANCE & REVENGE” by Jacques Derogy. Full title: "Resistance & Revenge: The Armenian Assassination of Turkish Leaders Responsible for the 1915 Massacres and Deportations." Printed in 1990 - First English language edition; Originally published in French. Hardcover in dustjacket.

This title relates Turkey's massacre of Armenians in 1915 and the Armenian hunt and assassinations of former Grand Visier Talaat Pasha as revealed in an internationally-covered Berlin murder trial in 1921 and many others. Author present a historical account of the events of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Young Turks in 1915. Jacques Derogy studies and writes about "Operation Nemesis." This operation is about the Dashnak party and the individuals responsible for the execution of Turkish Leaders, who were responsible for the 1915 genocide. Memoirs of Arshavir Shiragian, Soghomon Tehlirian and Missak Torlakian constitute the primary sources for the reconstruction of the events themselves and the introduction of the characters. The book is a great read because detailed historical research is presented. The book digs deep into the psyche of the victims of genocide in a masterful tribute to the human spirit to endure adversity and mete out justice. Derogy's account represents a very objective view of history.

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