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Armenia Inaugurates Its Embassy In Prague

Prague Daily Monitor Nov 23 2011 Czech Rep.

Prague, Nov 22 (CTK) - Armenia inaugurated its embassy in Prague Tuesday, the Armenian and Czech foreign ministers, Eduard Nalbandian and Karel Schwarzenberg, respectively, announced after their meeting.

They said the step aims at promoting relations between the two countries.

The Czech Republic will also have its diplomat in Armenia. The diplomat will be based at the Polish embassy in Yerevan for the time being, Schwarzenberg said.

The Czech Republic does not have its embassy building in Armenia and it is not planning it for the time being over austerity measures, even though it would be interested in it, Schwarzenberg said.

The Czech Republic's interests have up until now been looked after by the mission in neighbouring Georgia.

Schwarzenberg and Nalbandian agreed their countries may develop cooperation mainly in business, to which the new Armenian embassy in Prague is to contribute.

They also discussed the years-long dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh.

Nalbadian and Schwarzenberg supported a peaceful solution to the delicate issue.

Armenia is a member of the Eastern Partnership with which the EU wants to have closer relations.

The project was launched in Prague during the Czech EU presidency in 2009.

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