Peto Poghosyan

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Peto_Poghosyan&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Peto Poghosyan Mars symbol.svg
Name in Armenian Պետո Պողոսյան
Birth date 1983
Education Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts
Profession Professional Artist

Born in 1983 in Gyumri, Armenia, currently lives in Yerevan.

Attended courses of sculpture and graphics in Gyumri, branch of Fine Arts Academy in Yerevan.

Peto works in watercolor without any mixed media, he combines dry brush with wet watercolor surface. Peto works both at location and at studio. Cityscape paintings made at studio are mainly done from his own photographs and excitedly worked out. Peto focused on cityscape, trying to find and analyze focal points of the city.

Personal Exhibitions:

2008 – Folk Art Museum, Yerevan

2009 – Art bridge, Yerevan

2011- Artbridge, Yerevan

2011- Bureaucrat Bookstore, Yerevan

2012- Cluboratoria, Yerevan

His watercolors are in private collections not only in Armenia, but also in Lebanon, Iran, France, Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Argentine as well as Corporate collections-American University of Armenia and Armenian embassy in China.