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New York Times, Monday, November 19, 2001, B8

A Nation Challenged: Portraits of Grief The Victims

Peter E. Mardikian
At Long Last, Together

Peter E. Mardikian had both good and bad timing: good, because he met his future wife, Corinne, at Ohio State University, where they lived in the same dorm; and bad, because, try as he might, after graduation, there never seemed to be a good time for her to move to New York to be with him.

Mr. Mardikian, who worked at Imagine Software, traveled a lot in his job after college. Corinne Mardikian - graduated after him and did not want to be in New York unless they could be together.

"It was very tough to live apart," said Mrs. Mardikian. "The time was never right to actually be together."

But Mr. Mardikian, 29, had grown up in Princeton, N.J., dreaming of living in Manhattan and working on Wall Street. Though he never made it to Wall Street, less than two years ago, the timing was finally right, and his future wife moved in with him.

"His closure was her coming to Manhattan, said his friend and former roommate, Eric Boucher. "He wouldn't have been complete without getting married to Cori."

On Sept. 11, Mr. Mardikian was attending a conference at Windows on the World. He had been married for six weeks.

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