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Pantomime Theater: No More Wandering


19 October 2019

It is already two years that the Pantomime Theater in Yerevan has its own building at 21 Gevorg Kochar street at the intersection of Koryun and Gevorg Kochar streets. The house was built in 1950 as part of the printing office in the Book House. It is a two-storey building with a ground-floor socle. In 1995 the lower levels were privatized and since then remained unused, while on the second floor the book house functioned, which in 2017 was moved to the Public Library building. And here on the second floor it is planned to build the theater.

The building is a protected monument, so all the necessary conditions for the preservation of the monument building were taken into account in the reconstruction project. The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Armenia has already endorsed the project of reinforcement, renovation and modification of the monument-building of Yerevan State Pantomime Theater, designed by Astichan LLC (architect Khachatur Grigoryan). The Pantomime Theater has been provided with an area of 950 square meters. It will consist of two blocks: theater block (320 square meters) and administrative block (630 square meters). The theater block, with its stage and auditorium, will be located in the building overlooking Koryun Street. In fact, the stage is the heart of the theatre. That is why the art director of the pantomime theater Zhirayr Dadasyan gives a great importance to the convenience of the stage and its compliance with the stage requirements. «Pantomime theater has its genre peculiarities: more chamber style, where body language and mimicry are present, and therefore, the distance between the stage and the audience should not exceed 100-130m. In this project we tried to create all the necessary conditions for the stage, to have a backstage to ensure the proper work of the theater. This is why our stage takes up quite a lot of space»։ The size of the stage will be 9,5x10,5m, the auditorium will be for 133 people (10,2x11,8m). Also, there will be light and sound control room, the lobby, the corridor and the canteen. The administrative block will include: makeup rooms, dressing rooms, wardrobes, rehearsal room, offices, and WCs.

The entrance to the theater is located in the middle of the building. The existing public use staircase will be rebuilt and an elevator will function for people with disabilities. The entrance of the theatre is far enough away, people must walk about 50m through the administrative corridor. By the way, the yard of the monument-building overlooking Koryun Street also has a porch and a staircase, which would be more convenient for the theater as it leads directly to the theater hall. Anyway, it belongs to the owner of the lower floors and can serve the theater only as emergency exit. The Urban Development Committee announced the procurement of the theater building reconstruction in August, and the tender is still open.


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