Ovis ammon gmelini

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Rare and Endangered Animals of Armenia

Animal in Armenia

Հայկական մուֆլոն ("Haykakan muflon")


Under the menace of disappearing. Included in the Red Book of the former USSR.

Habitat in Armenia

Southern border of the natural habitat crosses Arax. For the last decade they were met in Khosrov Nature Reserve.

Number in the wild

During 1950s they were met in the southern parts of Armenia with groups of 200. By 1970 not more than 400 species were found in Armenia. By 1974 the number decreased to several dozens; the biggest group was of 9 species.

Reasons for decrease in number

Intensive economic activities of the population. Poaching.

Number in captivity

12 species kept in the Institute of Zoology, 5 – in Yerevan zoo.

Measures of protection taken

Hunting is forbidden since 1949. Khosrov Nature Reserve was created in 1958 but most important parts of the natural habitat were not included there. Included in the Appendix 2 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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