Karabakh North-South Highway

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The North-South Highway is currently under construction by the Armenia Fund in order to build a good internal road to get around in Karabakh. In Soviet times the main roads from the capital of Stepanakert would take you first outside of Karabakh, and then back in - usually making for a longer drive. After the war the internal roads of Karabakh were in poor condition, and created a further need for such a project. If the Azeri lands outside of Karabakh are returned to Azerbaijan in a peace deal as is being discussed, then this new highway will be the only normal road going up and down Karabakh. This will connect with the Goris-Stepanakert Highway which Armenia Fund constructed earlier, linking all of Karabakh to good roads, Armenia and the outside world.

The money to construct this highway ($25 million) was raised in a series of telethons, culminating in 2004. As of the end of 2006 however, the road was not complete.