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Armenian Youth Initiative Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize 20:26 07.11.11

A Switzerland-based Georgian professor has nominated the candidacy of the Armenian movement "No Silence" (Chenk Lrelu) for Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking to the Georgian news website Gruzia Online, Georgi Kaladze said the movement caught his attention months ago when it was founded by a group of young Armenians.

"The videos uploaded by that imitative on YouTube are drawing attention to various social problems, including the inconsolable condition of objects of historical heritage and the practice of dedovshina [abuse of conscripts by older soldiers] in the army," said Kaladze.

"Often the wave of public discontent those videos stir, make authorities resort to active measures," he added.

Further, he pointed to Armenian media publications, according to which, after those videos were published many Armenian military officers, who through the inertia of the traditions of the Soviet-style army used to physically assault conscripts, became more restrained in their behavior.

Kaladze also said that the charter of the Nobel Foundation allows nominating the candidacy of the movement.

"Using that chance I have submitted an application of candidacy to the Nobel Committee based in Stockholm," said Kaladze.

He also said that the movement should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for "using new technologies in the fight against violation of human rights and prevention of violence".

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