Nira Stone

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  • Academic Education: BA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Positions: Lecturer in Department of History of Art, University of Jerusalem. Specializing in Early Christian and Byzantine Art and Armenian Art of the Middle Ages. Previous Lecturer on History of Art, Extension Courses, Jerusalem City Professional Council.
  • Special Interests: Art in Jerusalem, Armenian Art, The Figure of Satan in Armenian and Byzantine Art, Mosaics in the Holy Land, The Desert Mothers, The Exemplar and the Ten Copies of Jerusalem 285 and their relationship, Adam and Eve in Armenian Art.
  • Memberships: Association Internationale des Etudes Armeniennes Israel Byzantine Society American Academy of Religion Center of Jewish Art Research
  • Grants: 1981 Research grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation for research in Armenian Art. 1985 Research grant from the Gukbenkian Foundation for research on Armenian Art. 1987 Research travel grant from the Smith Center for Art History at the Hebrew University. 1989 Research travel grant from the Hebrew University. 1990 Research travel grant from the Hebrew University. 1991 Research travel grant from the Smith Center for Art History at the Hebrew University. 1994 Research grant, American Academy of Religion.


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  • "From Sin to Sainthood: The Story of a Pilgrim to Jerusalem," currently under consideration.

In Press

  • "The Transfiguration in Armenian Art,"

Shoghagat (Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul).