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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - N


Nǎ’nǎ: Mint (P.)

Nǎfǎs: Breath (Ab)

Nǎh isǎh: (T. ne ise) How be it; fortunately; anyway; no ifs and buts.

Nǎhlǎt: Curse. (Nahlet-P/Ab/T: Peevish, cross-grained) Corruption of la’nat: Curse (P). Nǎhlǎt iran/kezi: A curse on him/you.

Nǎnǎyit jebeh: Your grandmother’s pocket (Interjection or epithet)

Nǎng: Like that. See sǎng

Nants: Like that. See sants

Nǎrdivǎn: Ladder (P. Narduban)

Nasur: (T.) corn, callous.

Nbot: Fever (Persian naubat: intermittent fever)

Nirs: Inside

Nountsǎ: At them (A. anonts) Nountsǎ mi ya. Don’t look at them.

Nour toben: Brand new. (A/T) From a fresh bolt of cloth or paper.

Nour: Pomegranate (P. nar)

Nourǎ: To that. (A. Anor)Noura mdig ireh: pay attention to that, etc. See sourǎ

Nukhsh: Design. Embroidery (P. naksh)

Nukra: Pot (P. silver)

Nusdoug: Sitting

Nushamba: Linoleum

Nushkhǎrk: Religious wafer used for Holy Communion.

Nuslil: To strain (with sieve or colander) (Ab) nazah

Nusulvil: To be strained (culinary).