Mitch Kehetian

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Mitch Kehetian is a renowned journalist and editor.

He started his newspaper career in 1953 with the Detroit Times and was with the paper until its demise in 1960.

Kehetian joined the ranks of retirement Nov.18 2005 from the Macomb Daily, a suburban Detroit daily newspaper where he served as editorial page editor. Previously Kehetian held the posts of city editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief with the paper.

Kehetian held reporting and editorial posts with the Columbus (Ohio) Citizen-Journal, Daily Eagle (western Wayne County - Michigan), and East Side Newspapers-Community News in Detroit.

In 2006, in recognition of 52 years as an outstanding newspaper reporter, editor, leader in journalism, veteran Michigan newsman Mitch Kehetian was awarded Wayne State University's coveted "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the April 6 campus observance of Journalism Day.

At the awards ceremony, Professor Ben Burns, director of the journalism program at Wayne State, praised Kehetian's career as a journalist who practiced the tenets of truth in reporting and for dedicating a lifespan in protecting the public's right to know and by serving the journalism community.

In honoring Kehetian, Burns addressed the newsman's stellar service and leadership as president of the Detroit Chapter's Society of Professional Journalists and Detroit Press Club.

Kehetian said that 52 years of his career placed him at the sidelines of history and the award from Wayne State’s Department of Communication was an honor he treasures.


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