Missak Keleshian

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From: bebo @ sodetel.net.lb Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:07:33 -0800 Subject: For the record

I, Missak Keleshian, would like to state that I had nothing to do with the declaration of my resignation from my duties as the Treasurer of the Tekeyan Cultural Association's Executive Committee of Lebanon. I have submitted my resignation way back on 24 August, 2004 to the Executive Committee, who have the original copy bearing my signature and copies were sent to TCA Founders Committee for information, with no intention of declaring my resignation in public. Lately, it has come to my attention, that the Lebanese "Ad-Diyar" daily newspaper had published an article on 21 November, 2004, regarding my resignation, without my consent and knowledge and highlighted information misinterpreting some of my statements.

I hereby correct: To Whom It May Concern, that I am not affiliated with the publication concerning my resignation from TCA Executive Committee in the "Ad-Diyar" or any other news network.

The true content of my resignation is only the one which bears my personal & official signature; you can get an original copy from the Tekeyan Cultural Association Executive Committee.

Missak Kelechian Beirut, Lebanon