Miro Begijanian

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Sept 12, 2005

TEHRAN, SEPTEMBER 12, ARMENPRESS: Police in Tehran have opened investigation into a brutal murder of a 15 year-old Armenian boy, who was killed by four ethnic Iranians on September 8 evening in downtown Tehran.

The squabble between the Armenian boy, Miro Begijanian and Iranians erupted when he was going back home from the official opening of Armenian Sport Olympiad in Tehran, an annual event held by the local Armenian community.

According to eyewitnesses, the Armenian boy returned bad language from the four Iranians, but the latter stopped his car and attacked him by batons beating him to death. The attackers were arrested by police. Armenian members of Iran's parliament visited the family of the killed boy promising that the attackers would be punished.

The murder forced organizers of the Olympiad to end them before schedule.