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As they say in pool, "Rack `em up!" New blood for Downtown The new owner of a Downtown storefront is keeping so mum about his plans, he hasn't even told his wife.

In fact, Michael Kademian of Milwaukee is not so sure himself what he'll end up doing with 407 Sixth St.

Its former owner is Rick DiBlasio, stained-glass-window repairman par excellence. He has built a larger wholesale repair studio outside of Downtown.

Kademian, 58, is a former physician. "I was looking for a second home in Racine," he said. "I like Racine and I like the beach."

At first he was looking for a small second home here. Instead, Kademian wound up buying this building, whose second floor will serve as a vacation home.

The self-described preservationist's first task will be to refurbish the building, to make the first floor look as authentic as possible to its 1875 roots.

But good luck pinning him down on what kind of business it'll house with Kademian as owner-operator. "I sort of know," he said, "but I don't have to decide right now." He insisted his idea hasn't even left his head and traveled as far as his wife's.

The idea could evolve or even change, Kademian added. But he promised he won't just stick something static like an office into the storefront - it'll be something that'll contribute activity to Downtown.

Kademian's Armenian great-grandfather immigrated to this country and landed in Racine. "It's kind of like coming full circle," Kademian said.

Excerpt from: Journal Times Online, WI Sept 14 2005