Messia Garabedian

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Messia Garabedian (Armenian: Մեսիա Կարապետյան), is an Armenian singer and musician based in Amsterdam.

Early years and career

Messia Garabedian was born in Baghdad, Iraq on august 31, 1993. He is originally from Armenia. His home country is the reason behind his beautiful songwriting as Messia is widely famous for his traditional Armenian wedding songs.[1][2][3] The young artist has released two music albums so far and has performed in numerous countries around the globe such as Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands.[4][5] Music critics have stated that “he is something different” as he has managed to achieve what seems to be rather impossible, and that is combining a purely traditional genre with more subtle modern elements, which is exactly what makes Messia a very current artist.[6] He is also one of the most famous pianists of the Armenian community in the Netherlands.[7]

Personal life

In his personal life, Messia is a person who values love and family above all. Despite his young age, he recently got married to his wife, Hasmik Gabrieljan, a Russian Armenian lady.[8][9][10] Messia’s talent comes as no surprise to those who know that his uncle, Christopher Garabedian, is also a great musician, known for his blend of western and oriental melodies, as well as traditional Iraqi songs – probably where Messia inherited his appreciation for traditional music. Messia has often shared his love and gratitude for a lot of his family members who seem to be very supportive of the young artist and guide him through his brilliant career.[11]


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