Mayda Saris

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Mayda Saris is an author.

As for 2005, she was head of the cultural section of Istanbul-based Agos Armenian newspaper.

One of her books, "The Armenian Painting From its Origins to Our Days", was published in 2005.

The 264-page volume contains 400 beautiful pictures, one of which - "Armenian painters in the Ottoman Capital" - is noteworthy for depicting the Manas family, 7 members of which served either as court painters or penmen for 2 centuries. Among other painters the author notes the name of Yervand Oskan Efendi, founder of the school of fine arts. The book includes the names of Armenian painters in alphabetical order together with dictionaries and encyclopedias were they can be found.

"Our ancient civilization has left its traces in Anatolia. Numerous Armenian monuments have reached the 21st century despite attempts to eliminate them. I consider them anguished witnesses of the past because no matter how ruined they are, they carry on proud existence," said Saris.

Armenian communities and organizations supported her journey to USA and Canada where Saris introduced her new book.

The Turkish-Armenians of Los Angeles, Beirut,New York Philadelphia and Montreal sponsored Saris' visit to this cities; the Chicago visit was supported by AGBU offshoot and Grigor and Clara Zohrap news canter helped her to New York.

During her stay Saris had meetings with the representatives of the Armenian community, with the heads of Armenian Library and Museum of America as well as with employees of cultural establishments.


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