Mariam Ohanyan

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Resides in Yerevan

Project Manager at Repat Armenia Foundation.

Since 2006 Mariam actively worked in the fields of languages, management, PR and advertisement. In 2007 she taught languages in Bogota, Colombia. She also developed her language skills further at US Embassy.

Mariam later worked in Ukraine providing her PR skills for the company “LOIC” for summer terms (2 years). In 2010 worked in Paraguay as a tutor. She was an active member of “YF” at Asuncion. In 2011 she worked as a manager at “Hayrapetyan Brothers” company.

Mariam studied Spanish in Cordoba, Argentina. She went for management training in Kyiv. She earned her B.A at Yerevan State Linguistic University named after Bryusov. In 2012 she got her M.A in international journalism and has provided articles to different Armenian Media firms since then.