Manvel Saribekyan

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Manvel Saribekyan (born February 27, 1990) was a Armenian civilian from the village of Tutujur, who was detained on September 11, 2010 near the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan who later died. According to Armenians, he was a civilian intentionally captured by the Azerbaijanis, while Azerbaijanis say they captured a spy, who later committed suicide.[1]


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) headed the return of Saribekyan’s body to Armenia. The Armenian side also released the Azeri citizen Eldar Tagiev.

Armenian account

The Armenian authorities say the murder of Saribekyan was intentional and not suicide.[2] Armenian sources say he was also tortured a few days before his death.

Azerbaijan account

The Azerbaijani government says that Saribekian was caught on September 11 after going into northwestern Azerbaijan with an Armenian armed group to allegedly carry out armed missions.[3] He later died, while Azerbaijani officials say it was a suicide, Armenian sources say it was a murder.[4] Azerbaijani Defence Ministry spokesman, Eldar Sabiroglu said "Manvel Saribekyan committed suicide in mysterious circumstances".[5]


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