Lion of Mount Ararat

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Lion of Mount Ararat
Author Jennifer Salmassian
Publication Year 2020
Publisher Sally the Cat Publishing
Publishing City La Canada Flt
Short Description An Armenian boy struggles to understand the importance of the Armenian Genocide as it relates to the present.
Format eBook
No. of Pages 15
Language English
Category Society & Culture, Genocide, Children's Books, Literature & Fiction

About the Book A young Armenian-American boy lacks the emotional connection to the Armenian Genocide. Beyond listening to his favorite band, System of a Down, the Genocide happened long ago and does not directly affect him, that is until fate steps in to lend an enlightened hand.

About the Author Jennifer Salmassian was born in Montebello, CA in 1976. After 10 years of teaching, this Armenian-American switched gears and began writing and publishing children's books. She combined what she learned from her Bachelors Degree in History with what she learned from her Masters Degree in Education to create books that were meaningful as well as educational. She currently resides in La Canada Flt where she lives with her family.