Linda Kasabian

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Linda Kasabian - the getaway driver of US serial killer Charles Manson. She is not Armenian, having changed her name after marrying Armenian Robert Kasabian. Coincidentally it (Kasab) is also the ARAB term for "butcher".

Kasabian is also the name of a British band also with no direct connection to Armenia(ns), except that it is named after Linda Kasabian. The BBC wrote the following about them on Jan 11, 2005: "Cult band Kasabian surge forward: Kasabian are inspired by Britpop and early 1990s genre hardcore Indie dance band Kasabian built up a cult following throughout 2004 to secure three Brit Award nominations. The four-piece Leicester band blends dark electronics with rock, earning Kasabian places on the best British group, rock act and live act shortlists.