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Lilit Pipoyan, (born on June 16, 1955, in Yerevan, Armenia) is an Armenian musician, singer and architect.

Lilit Pipoyan belongs to that narrow circle of modern Armenian musicians, whose works present an alternative to the traditional folk, classical, spiritual and pop music. Born in Yerevan to a family of artists, she graduated from the Spendarian specialized music school and later on studied architecture, receiving her Ph.D in the Theory and History of Armenian Architecture.

Lilit's compositions are based on Armenian poetry and folklore. She is especially fond of medieval secular songs, for which she creates modern arrangements or new melodies when the originals are lost, with distinctly Armenian character.

She also composes music based on modern Armenian poetry. She has recorded three CD's and has performed on stages in Armenia, Switzerland, Syria and the United States. She lives in Yerevan with her husband and two children.

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