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Birth name Levon Grigori Aronian
Name in Armenian Լևոն Արոնյան
Birthplace Yerevan
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Birth date 6 October 1982
Lived in Yerevan
Profession Chess grandmaster
Languages Armenian, English, Russian, Spanish
Ethnicities Armenian, Jewish
Dialects Eastern Armenian
Spouses Arianne Caoili

Levon Aronian is an Armenian chess player.

Levon Aronian and other chess players support Serzh Sargsyan

“The third President of Armenia, President of the chess federation of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan was elected to the post of the Prime Minister of Armenia days ago, for which we congratulate Serzh Sargsyan and express our support for him for the welfare of our country and people. Having worked with Serzh Sargsyan for long years we, the chess players, have felt his readiness and devotion more than everyone to do everything for the achievements of Armenia and the Armenian people. All these have been proved numerous times by our achievements for which we have had numerous opportunities to be proud of our country, the creative and intellectual potential of our people. It’s just with the guidance of Serzh Sargsyan that the chess team of Armenia 3 times won the Olympic champion and once won the title of World Champion, in fact becoming the most reputable team. We are convinced that our present and future achievements in the sphere of chess have been obtained also due to our internal belief and confidence that we are all unified in our Motherland and we present one and the same power standing side by side. Today we once again want to reaffirm the conviction that our internal unity and power have been and will be the guarantee of our victories. Considering the developments in our country these days we call on all the sides to remain in the limits of reasonability and faithful to the spirit of the exceptional national solidarity. We assess inadmissible all the steps, calls and actions that can harm our country and any member of our public. We are confident that no right should be restrained, at the same time the implementation of any right should never violate others’ rights and put an end on our achievements. We are convinced that as a chess superpower, we will be able the best solution to the situation with joint efforts”

Olympic champions, international Grand Masters Levon Aronian, Smbat Lputyan, Vladimir Hakobyan, Artashes Minasyan, Gabriel Sargsyan, Tigran L. Petrosyan, Rafayel Vahanyan and the head coach, international Grand Master Arshak Petrosyan

Source: https://gagrule.net/levon-aronian-chess-players-support-serzh-sargsyan/

Come to compete

Come to compete
168 Hours Weekly Online [News]
May 6, 2007

World chess champion Vladimir Kramnik arrived in Armenia with his wife yesterday. He will compete with chess master Levon Aronyan on May 4-6. “I have come to Armenia to show a good game and I think the game will be hard, interesting and definitely equal. However, I can’t say how it will end. I am in a good mood, as recently I won such a competition. Besides that, I hadn’t been to Armenia for over 11 years, and also I have many friends here. I am visiting Armenia with great pleasure not only to play chess, but also to see the sightseeing places. Thus I hope to have both a helpful and pleasant time here,” said Kramnik. Concerning chess in Armenia he said, “Chess has always been at a good level in Armenia, but in recent times it is developing faster. Maybe it is due to my competitor, as he is one of the best players in the world, and it is very important for the team to have such a member. However, the others are good too; for example, Gabriel Sargsyan. We are not glad of the fact that Armenia won the Olympics instead of Russia. Thus, during the next Olympics we will struggle for victory. Nevertheless, it is clear that Armenia will continue being one of the most favored during the upcoming years, as it is one of the leading five teams of the world.”

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