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Kurdish Parliament In Exile Recognizes Genocide

BRUSSELS–The Kurdish Parliament in Exile–passed a resolution recognizing and marking the Armenian Genocide Thursday. Below is the entire text of that resolution–which is being reprinted in its entirety and without any editorial posturing. To The Public Opinion

In Kurdistan–together with the Kurdish people–live Assyrian-Syrians as well as Armenians.

Invasion–occupation and division of Kurdistan–has not only affected the Kurds but also the Assyrian-Syrians as well as the Armenian peoples. Imposed colonialist policies have set these people against the Kurdish people and against each other–have created clashes and forced deportations and exiles. In our country–by setting the peoples against each other–the bloodiest imposed period of colonialist policies is 1915 and the few years following that.

On April 24–1915–the decision of mass genocide and annihilation of the Assyrian-Syrian and the Armenian peoples was taken by the Ottoman Empire.

The blueprints of and the logistics for this genocide being prepared ahead of time–they employed Hamidiye Alaylari from Kurdish tribes (Similar to the present day Village Guards system who kill our people) to commit history's–until then unknown–Genocide. In this Genocide–millions of Armenians and Assyrian-Syrians were killed–and millions others were deported from their homes and land and scattered to the four corners of the world.

The Turkish State which practices policies of setting peoples and people of diverse opinions against each other–still pursues the same repulsive policies at the end of the 20th century. Similar to setting-up Alevis and Sunnis against each other–they set-up the Kurdish people against each other through their creation–the Village Guards–which consist of Kurdish Jahshs. Separately–through their diverse assaults to annihilate the Kurdish people–they are registering new pages in the annals of genocides.

The Turkish State regime–from history to our days–has worked against the peoples–as if a guilty party–and with her committed genocides has changed the demographics of Anatolia causing the demise of many cultures-civilizations. The same policies are being applied in Kurdistan today. I call upon the world public opinion to become aware of this Turkish State policies and vehemently oppose it.

Today is the 82nd anniversary of the genocide committed against the Assyrian-Syrian and Armenian peoples. Sharing the agony caused by this process–I find the Ottoman State and their collaborators the Hamidiye Alaylari–formed by some Kurdish tribes–responsible for this crime before history and I condemn them with abhorrence. Zubeyir Aydar Chairman of the Executive Committee

Tuesday, April 29, 1997