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Khorovats made the traditional way

It's hard to visit Armenia without learning at least one word: khorovats. Difficult for many visitors to pronounce, but unavoidable and usually delicious. It is the word used in Armenia for barbecuing solid things - from meat to tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. The meat of choice in Armenia is pork, while lamb, beef, chicken and fish are often available as well. In the summer, it is almost routine to add tomatoes, eggplant and peppers to the fire as well, and sometimes sliced potatoes. This is not to be confused with kebab - which means minced (ground) meat. Khorovats is whole or solid chunks. Usually the spices/marinades are minimal in Armenia proper.

In western Armenian the word khorovats is not used, but kebab is applied to all meats put on skewers and barbecued, regardless of whether it is ground or whole. Kebab by western Armenians is much more likely to be marinated and or spiced.