Karo Parisyan

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Karo Parisyan is the first Armenian that fights in the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. He holds a title in two organizations. Karo is a Judo professional, 7 times USA champion. Karo is ranked in the top 3 in the world in Judo. In MMA Karo is known for demonstrating Judo with no GI.

Karo Parisyan has been training judo and Mixed Martial Arts since 9 years old, moreover a professinal fighter since 16 years old. Karo's first NO HOLDS BARRED fight was in Mexico at age of 14. Karo is considered to be the most experienced young fighter in the UFC.

Karo Parisyan is a Hollywood stuntman as well.

BORN: 8/28/1982

BIRTHPLACE: Yerevan, Armenia

Came to the U.S. when he was 6 years old.