Karma Ekmekji

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Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian

Al-Arabiya, UAE Sept 7 2012

Lebanon's Karma Ekmekji named among top Diplomatic Courier's foreign policy leaders

Friday, 07 September 2012 By Al Arabiya

Karma Ekmekji, head of former prime minister Saad Hariri's international affairs office, has been named as one of this year's top 99 foreign policy leaders who are less than 33 years of age.

The leaders' list was drafted by the Washington-based Diplomatic Courier magazine in collaboration with the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy organization and includes the names of young foreign policy professionals who `are addressing vital global issues.'

`It is a long diversified list that reflects our belief in the 21st century foreign policy as a policy drawn by leaders from different sectors,' according to Anna Rold, founder and editor-in-chief of the Diplomatic Courier.

From his part, Gary Barnabo, President of `Young Professionals in Foreign Policy' said that `foreign policy today is the field of entrepreneurs and innovators in technology and future science as much as it is the field of those who make governments' work more modern.'

The `Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders' list shows that the solutions to the world's most difficult problems lay in unexpected places.'

Karma Ekmekji was named in the category of `influential leaders' as someone who `mobilizes people in the foreign policy community with bold new ideas.'

[Groong note: Karma Ekmekji is the daughter of Dr. Arda Arsinian Ekmekji, Dean of Arts & Sciences at Haigazian University, Lebanon]