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A Death in the Armenian Community

Zhirayr (Gerard) Attarian, 1914-2006

On May 10, 2006 the Armenian community lost an important intellectual - author, translator, a true intellectual, Zhirayr Attarian. He is survived by his wife, Hilda; daughter Maral, and son David.

Born on August 7, 1914 in Konya Mr. Attarian grew to become an esteemed literary figure in his native Lebanon.

In Lebanon he collaborated with the "Orian" radio. Attarian was one of the first editorial staff members of the "Bagin" literary magazine. He was a member of the Education Council as well. During the first years of the literary activity he wrote in the French language, then translated his works into Armenian.

In 1972 Mr. Attarian moved to the U.S. and settled in New York City where he led the post of the National Primacy Divine Head and lived for 35 years.

Attarian is an author of two books, the first of which is "Life is Beautiful," was published in 1981 in Beirut, and the second "Verj, Hajordiv" (The End in Succession), in New York in 1991. He also translated Henry Vernoy's novel "Mother" in 1987.

Jirayr Attarian's unfortunately was not able to see his 4th piece be published. His articles and stories are gathered in this book of new type.

Mr. Attarian is now buried at Cedar Grove cemetery (Flushing, Queens, NY)