Javakhk: A World that Cares

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Javakhk: A World that Cares
Author Jennifer Salmassian
Translator Dr. Rita Vorperian
Illustrator Brittany Baughman
Publication Year 2012
ISBN ISBN 978-0-9825836-6-1
Publisher Sally the Cat Publishing
Publishing City La Canada Flt
Short Description Children's book about the living condition of children currently living in Javakhk.
Format Softbound
No. of Pages 24
Language English, Classical Armenian
Category Children's Books

This book is a special collaboration with the Executive Board of the Armenian Relief Society, Western Region USA, Javakhk Fund COmmittee and author Jennifer Salmassian to raise awareness of the current conditions of the Armenians living in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. It provides expressive illustrations accompanied with vignettes of Armenian children around the world. A brief historical background and photographs of Javakhk are also included in this book.

"Javakhk: A World that Cares" is available in the English and Armenian languages.