Hrachya Sarukhan

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Hrachya Sarukhan ("Հրաչյա Սարուխան" in Armenian) is a poet. In 1960's there emerged a whole new generation of writers in the Soviet Armenia. But they had a long way to go through polemics and struggle since the old thought refused any poetry that the young poets brought with them.

Among those new poets were Hovhannes Grigorian, Henrik Edoyan, Slavik Chiloyan and Davit Hovhannes; and of course Hrachya Sarukhan.

Many of their books were not published for about 15 years; Sarukhan's first book was also banned.

Today, Hrachya Sarukhan's name is name is well known among readers. This talented poet is also the chairman of the Armenian Writers' Union regional branch of the Lori province.

In 2005 a new book of Hrachya Sarukhan, named "Love Wreath", was released by the Bavig Publishing House. The book contained love poetry. While the love is only one part of the poet's literature, the book was full of those unique advantages that make Sarukhan's poetry distinctive.

The magic of the poetic expressions that enclosure Lori dialect and the old Armenian are both new and traditional. His style is vivid, healthy and sincere.

The book was sponsored by the Vahagn Davtian Foundation.

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