Hovhannes Grigoryan

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Հովհաննես Գրիգորյան

Armenian Writer

Hovhannes Grigoryan To Be Treated In Israel

yerkir.am 12:32 - 26.11.2011

Secretary of the Writers Union of Armenia, Hovhannes Grigoryan will soon be transported to Israel. Doctors discovered he had lung cancer.

"Grigoryan gone through four stages of chemotherapy in Armenia, now he is sent to Israel to receive radiation therapy," - said theChairman of the Writers' Union Levon Ananian to "Yerkir" daily.

He added that he already has an agreement with the hospital, and writer will immediately be taken to hospital as soon as the plane lands.

"The fact that the hospital has agreed to accept him is already good.

Hovhannes is optimistic, "- said Ananian.

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