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St. Gregory Armenian Church in Hollywood
Pilibos Armenian School in Hollywood

Hollywood became the heart of Southern California's Armenian community during the 1970s. With immigrants from the middle east moving to Los Angeles en mass to escape conflict in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Israel and other countries, Hollywood was the primary destination. Armenians from other parts of California also moved there - and eventually a part of the area was officially named Little Armenia on October 11, 2000.[1] This happened after the decline of the central Armenian community, however. As the Armenian immigrants became financially established, many moved to the hills, to Glendale, to Northridge, etc. As the Soviet Union loosened controls on emigration, a massive flood of Hayastantsis (Armenians from the Armenian Republic) moved to LA, and especially the established Armenian communities in Hollywood and Glendale. The number may have exceeded 100,000.

Many of the Armenian shops and restaurants popular today in Glendale or across the LA area began in Hollywood (though some began in Lebanon before that). These include Zankou Chicken, Panos Pastries and Carousel. Sassoun Bakery, Falafel Arax, Karabakh Meat Market and others remain only in Hollywood.

West Hollywood


NBC4, CA April 24 2006

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Flags will fly at half-staff in West Hollywood Monday to honor Armenian victims of genocide.

An estimated 1.5 million Armenians died between 1915 and 1923 in the waning days of Turkey's Ottoman Empire.

Today is the 91st anniversary of what many Armenians consider the start of the genocide, when Turkish authorities arrested 200 Armenian community leaders.

The Turkish government says allegations of genocide have never been proven.

Turkish Ambassador Nabi Sensoy, in response to the Public Broadcasting Service documentary "Armenian Genocide," said last week that "Armenian allegations of genocide have never been historically or legally substantiated."

The West Hollywood City Council has passed a resolution "condemning the human rights violations of the Turkish government," according to City Councilman Jeffrey Prang's office. The resolution was introduced by Prang and Councilwoman Abbe Land.

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