Hakob Hakobyan

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[1]Hakob Hakobyan, also spelled Hagop Hagopian (Armenian: Հակոբ Հակոբյան; May 16, 1923 – March 9, 2013) was a world renowned modern Armenian master.[1]

Hagopian was born in Egypt. He took on his early education at Melkonian Armenian school in Cyprus. He later attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Cairo and then was granted scholarship to attend Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. He also studied at the studio the of renowned painter Andre L’Hote during his stay in Paris. His early works are small-size oils: one-figure compositions in interiors and still life.

Hagopian immigrated to the Soviet Union to settle in the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1962, and his new world became the Armenian landscape.[2]

His personages are static figures circumscribed by a space limited in depth, their mood of constraint and isolation suggest a miserable existence.

Hagopian was honored with the honorary title of People's Artist of the Armenian SSR and has won the State Prize of Armenia.

Hagopian had several exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, and other cities. He died in Yerevan, aged 89.