Haig Manoogian

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Haig_Manoogian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Haig Manoogian Mars symbol.svg
Birth date 23 May 1916
Lived in New York
Resides in New York City
Death date 1980/05/26
Death year 1980
Profession Professor
Languages English, Armenian
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian

Haig Manoogian (May 23, 1916 – May 26, 1980) was an Armenian-American professor of film at New York University and a major early influence for many filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, who was a student of his.

Martin Scorsese

Manoogian co-produced Scorsese's first feature film Who's That Knocking at My Door. Raging Bull is dedicated to him.

Ares Demertzis

Director and cameraman Ares Demertzis was an undergraduate and later graduate student of Manoogian. He documented some of his experiences in a short story published on the monthly web magazine New English Review, titled “TMR 101, The Making of a Film Director.”


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