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We are saddened to report the passing away of Hagop Hakissian, at age 80, following complications after a heart attack. He attended the mini reunion of Armenians from Ethiopia in New York in November 2007.

Hagop Hakissian came to the US from Ethiopia in the mid-1950s, after having worked in the US Embassy in Ethiopia. As part of his military service, he was posted in Germany. He married an Armenian lady who also passed away some 18 months ago. Hagop worked and lived in the East Coast generally and in recent decades in Eastchester, NY. He moved a few months ago to Las Vegas, Nevada to be close to his only son, Haig who lives there.

In his early years, he worked for Citibank. He then operated his own business enterprises, reinventing his occupation on the basis of changing fads, tastes and economic circumstances. He has always been keen on Armenian affairs and was an active member of the White Plains Armenian Church.

Some older members of the Ethio-Armenian community may remember Hagop's mother, Noemi Hakissian, who taught at the old Armenian school and who had a good command of the English language, something rare in the 1930s, mainly because of her schooling by the American Missionaries who were active in Armenia during the 1915-1925 period.

Hagop is survived by is son Haig in Las Vegas and two sisters, one living in Ethiopia/Italy and the other in Switzerland. We extend our condolences and sympathies to all.

Asdvadz hokeen lousavoré.

H & M Ghazarossian
May 12, 2009