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The city of Gherla was founded by Armenians, and originally known as Armenopolis.

==After 300 Years Gherla Waits For The Monument Of Its Founder 20:59, 2 August, 2013

BUCHAREST, AUGUST 2, ARMENPRESS: In Romanian Gherla city which during the last 20 years reclaims its Armenian breath, speak about erecting the monument of the founder of the city Armenian bishop Ogsen Varzarescu. "Armenpress" reports that the issues is particularly raised by TV reporter and translator, author of TV program dedicated to national minorities Andrea Gitsa in the article published in Romanian-Armenian magazine Ararat. The journalist thinks that the Armenian beginning of the city contains enough resources to secure the prosperity and celebrity of present city.

Ogsen Varzarescu who was born in Botoshan cit of historic Moldova, was the spiritual leader of Armenians who had come to Transylvania and induced Armenians to Catholicism. He did so in order to Armenians have the same rights as Hungarian Catholics.

Kristof Songot in his works introduces Varzarescu as a defender of Armenian interests and a skillful negotiator.

The tireless bishop implements long journeys to Vienna palace to ask for certificates for newly founded Armenian cities. Songot writes that other people went to Vienna to ask for cardinal or bishop title but he never though about his personal interest being satisfied with bishop title.

Bishop Varzarescu died on March 10, 1715 in Vienna where he left in 1712 to receive certificate about privileges of Gherla city. He was buried in the yard of one of Catholic churches. Yet in 1719 the urban council of Gherla made a decision to making the monument of Varzarescu. Several projects have been discussed but the project was not implemented.

In her article Andrea Gitsa mentions that Gherla at present recovers its Armenian roots and traditions and 2015 when will be 300th anniversary of Varzarescu's death, is a wonderful occasion for erecting his monument.

In October of previous year Gherla established brotherhood relations with Armenian city Ijevan.

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