Ghazaros Kademian

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Ghazaros Kademian, an active member of Armenian National Committee, was one of the oldest remaining survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

Kademian was 8 in 1915 when Ottoman Turks forced his family into exile from their village of Zeitoun, Turkey. The family fled to Baghdad, Iraq.

“Through the years, Kademian grew into a beloved man who helped the Armenian community in Iraq as a leader and adviser,” said Ani Garabedian, by 2009, spokeswoman for the Armenian National Committee, western region.

It's estimated that 1.5 million Armenians were killed from 1915 to 1923 and 500,000 others forced into exile.

"Ghazaros Kademian's story is one of survival and strength, courage and conviction, passion and purpose," said Antonio Villaraigosa, by 2009, mayor of Los Angeles, California. "He emerged from one of the darkest chapters of human history and worked to shed light on the tragedy of Armenian Genocide."

After moving to Glendale, Kademian became active in community events sponsored by the Armenian National Committee and remained committed to holding Turkey accountable for its bloody past.

Kademian, being one of the oldest remaining survivors of the Armenian Genocide was long hailed as a symbol of perseverance.

Kademian died on January 28 2009 in his sleep at his home. He was 101.

Ghazaros and his wife, Azadouhi, had three children: Ohannes Kademian, Asdghig Kaladjian and Anahid Kademian.


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