Gegham Gharibjanyan

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Gegham Gharibjanian, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to Iran completed his 6-year diplomatic mission in Iran.

December 11 a farewell party was held by the three Armenian Dioceses of Iran. Head of the Armenian Diocese of Isfahan Archimandrite Babken Charian, Head of the Atrpatakan Diocese Nshan Topuzian, two MPs from the Armenian community in the parliament of Iran, employees of the RA Embassy, representatives of the "Alik" ("Wave") institution and other guests went to say goodbye to Gegham Grigorian.

Doctor Anna Hovhannisian, the Head of the Armenian Diocesan Council of Tehran, highly anticipated diplomatic activities of Gegham Gharibjanian, coming up on behalf of the three Dioceses.

"Six years ago, when I arrived in Iran as the RA Ambassador for the first time, the fact that there is an admirable community with mighty potential and mighty spirit here became, perhaps, the greatest revelation in my life. And if I knew only some notable representatives of the community that time, I know all of them now. I wish you every success and good luck. Thank you." Stated Ambassador Gharibjanian.

According to the Tehran “Alik” (“Wave”) newspaper, the Ambassador was given a souvenir on behalf of the three Armenian Dioceses after the achievement of the official part of the arrangement.