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Curriculum Vitae

I. Address:

1378 OXFORD STREET PASADENA, CA 91104 (626) 827- 9063 Cell E-mail:


II. Education:Link title

2012, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, Dept. of History)

1991, C.Phil., University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, Dept. of History)

1990, MA, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, History Department)

1986, BA, University of La Verne (AAIC), History-Armenian Studies.

1983, BA, Institute Superior d’Armenologie, Hamazkaine, Beirut, Lebanon, History-Armenian Studies-.

III. Dissertation: Link title Struggling For a Constitutional Regime: Armenian-Young Turks Relations in the Era of Abdulhamid II, 1895-1909


This is a study of the relations between the Turkish-Ottoman governments and Armenian political societies and organizations. It is based on mainly primary. It addresses the whole spectrum of negotiations conducted respectively between the representatives of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II and the Ittihad ve Terakki Firkasi (Union and Progress Party) on the Turkish side, and members of Armenian revolutionary organizations on the other. The narrative: 1) examines and analyses the period of rapprochement between the two sides, 2) Dwells on the incompatibility of such a “marriage,” and finally, 3) focuses on the reasons of Armenian agrarian problems in the eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire from 1895-1909.

IV. Graduate Committee:

Professor Richard G. Hovannisian (Chair, Advisor)

Professor Geoffrey Symcox

Professor Gabriel Piterberg

Professor Haroutune Armenian

V. Ph.D. Fields:

Major: History of the Armenian People, Beginning to nowadays


1. History of the Ottoman Empire and the Near East 1500 to present.

2. History of Russia 800 to present.

3. History of Europe (Formation and Models of Nation-States, 1500-present).

4. American History (19th century-present, American-Middle Eastern relations)

VI. Publications:

A. Books

Levon Shahoian, On the Banks of the Tigris, trans. By Garabet K Moumdjian, London: Gomidas Institute, 2012.

Inanc Atilgan & Garabet Moumdjian K., Archival Documents of the Viennese Armenian Turkish Platform (VAT), Divan Editions (Wieser Verlag Publishing House, 2009), 925 pages: Ottoman, Austrian and American archival Documents regarding the Armenian Genocide. Viennese Armenian Turkish Platform [VAT], an exchange of documents between The Armenian Academy of Sciences and the Museum of Armenian Genocide (Yerevan) and the Turkish Historical Society (TTK, Ankara) in 2003-2004.

1992-2001, Mer Patmutiune (Our History), Armenian History Textbooks, grades 4 through 9, in six volumes, Western Prelacy of Armenian Apostolic Church of America, Los Angeles, California.

B. Chapters in Book Hovannisian Richard G and Payaslian Simon. Armenian Cilicia, California: Mazda Press, 2008: Chapter 18, Garabet, Moumdjian K., “Cilicia under French Administration: Armenian Aspirations, Turkish Resistance, and French Stratagems.” Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishing, 2008. (UCLA Armenian History and Culture; Historic Armenian Cities and Provinces Conference Series).

Hakan Yavuz, and Peter Sluglett, Eds. War and Diplomacy: The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the Treaty of Berlin. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2011; Part III. The Beginning of the End in Eastern Anatolia: The Massacres of Armenians; Garabet K. Moumdjian, 12. “From Millet-i Sadika to Millet-i Asiya: Abdülhamid II and Armenians, 1878–1909.”

Hakan Yavuz, and Isa Blumi, Eds. War and Nationalism: The Balkan Wars, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2012, Garabet, Moumdjian K., “Rebels with a Cause: Armenian-Macedonian Relations and Their Bulgarian Connection, 1895-1913,” in publication.

Kemal Çiçek, Ed., Adana 1909 Olayları, Makaleler (The 1909 Adana Events Revisited). Garabet, Moumdjian K., “Reevaluating the Adana Massacres of 1909: Making Sense out of Diametrically Divergent Historiographies.” Turk Tarih Kurumu Basimevi (Turkish Historical Society Press, 2011.


Hakan Yavuz, and Feroz Ahmed, Edt.. War and the End of Empire, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, Garabet, Moumdjian K., “The Russian “Angle” and ARF-CUP “Collusion, 1909-1914: Iranian Constitutional Revolution, Kurdish Rebellions, Unmet Reforms and Russian Stratagems.”

Hakan Yavuz, and Asbed Kochikian, Edt.. Nationalism at the Twilight of the Ottoman, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, Garabet, Moumdjian K., Armenian-Young Turk Relations, 1895-1909: The Hnchak “Nay” and the Tashnak “Aye.”

C. Papers Published in Academic Periodicals: Garabet K. Moumdjian, “From ‘Hidden Armenians’ to ‘Hidden Jews’ to Primary Sources On Ottoman Reforms, and from Armenian Ethnographies to ‘Genocide Studies’ and Beyond: A Review Essay On Contemporary Turkish Publications,” Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies (JSAS), Volume 19, Number 2, December 2010.

Garabet K. Moumdjian, “Research Note, “Tracing Ottoman Documents: A Letter Delivered 95 Years Late,” JSAS, Vol. 18, Number 2, Fall 2009.

"Armenian Kurdish Relations in the Era of Kurdish Nationalism: (1830 - 1930)," Pazmaveb, 1999, Vol. CLVII, No. 1 - 4, pp. 268-347,

"Cilicia Under French Mandate, 1918-1921: Armenian Aspirations vs. Turkish Intrigues," Pazmaveb, 1998, Vol. CLVI, No. 1 - 4, pp. 117-169.

“A Survey of the Armenological Media of the United States of America,” Pazmaveb, 1996, vol. CLIV, No. 1 – 4.

1994, "A Survey of the Chronicles of Sebeos, Levond Vardapet, Stepanos Asoghik, and Mathew of Edessa," Pazmaveb, 1994, vol. CLII, No. 1 - 4,.

“The Role of the Mkhitarist Order in the Propagation of Armenian Historiography,” (in Armenian), Pazmaveb, 1995, vol. CLIII, No. 1 – 4.

D. Conference Papers Presented

2016, “ARMENIANS AND THE COLD WAR” AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-DEARBORN, Garabet K. Moumdjian, Independent historian, Pasadena, CA, “ARF Collusion in the Kurdish Rebellions of the 1920s and 1930s in Republican Turkey: In Search of the Origins of Islamized Armenians in Turkey.”

2015, From Recognition to Reparation: Armenian Genocide 100th Anniversary Conference, Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, Armenian, Garabet Krikor Moumdjian, "The Smocking Gun,": Ottoman and Turkish Deportation and "Emval-i Metruke" Laws as incriminating evidence of the Genocide for Reparation Purposes.

2015, Conference on the Antecedent Period to the Armenian Genocide, the Normative years: 1909-1914. Garabet K Moumdjian, "ARF Seventh (1913) and Eight (1914) General Congresses: Ambitious Decisions vs. Stark Realities.

2013, “Muslim resistance to the Armenian genocide in the Southern Theater of War: Jemal pasha and the 4th Army Corps.” In “Resistances to the Armenian Genocide” Conference, California State University, Naorthridge.

2009, “Adana Massacres of 1909: Dealing with Divergent Historiographies,” Türk Tarih Kurumu (Turkish Historical Association), Ankara, Turkey

2010, “The Armenian Question in the Ottoman Empire,” Lecture series (3 lectures), Ankara: Bilkent University, May 2-5, 2010.

2010, “From Millet-i Sadika to Millet-i Asiya: Abdulhamid II and the Armenian Question Revisited: 1876-1909,” War and Diplomacy, Univ. of Utah Conference Series I, Salt Lake City.

2011, “Rebels with a Cause: Armenian-Macedonian Relations and Their Bulgarian Connection, 1895-1913,” in Univ. of Utah Conference Series II, Salt Lake City.

2012, “The Russian “Angle” and ARF-CUP “Collusion, 1909-1914: Iranian Constitutional Revolution, Kurdish Rebellions, Unmet Reforms and Russian Stratagems.” Univ. of Utah Conference Series III, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hertsegovina.

2013, Armenian-Young Turk Relations, 1895-1909: The Hnchak “Nay” and the Tashnak “Aye.” Univ. of Utah Conference Series IV, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1993, “Partisan and Internal Politics in the Republic of Armenia,” Conference paper, “The Republic of Armenian: A 75 Year Perspective.” UCLA Chair in Modern Armenian History.

E. Online Publications and Blogs (Partial list)

Remembering Antoine (Antoun) Saadeh, Founder of the Al Qawmi Party advocating “Greater Syria,” Translations from original Arabic sources.

Garabet Moumdjian, Five decades of Islamic Resurgence in Egypt, 1930-1980: Portraits of Charismatic Leaders:

Babikir Faisal, Garabet Moumdjian trasn. & annot. Islamic Religious Curricula and Terrorism: A Sampling of Azharite Schools and Institutions in Egypt:

F. Articles 1980-Present, Authored numerous articles and book reviews on political, social, historical, and other subjects in the Armenian media in the United States and abroad.

G. Lectures

1988-Present, Lectured extensively on historical and current Armenian affairs in numerous Armenian communities in the United States, Canada, and overseas.

H. Book Reviews

Aram Haigaz, Four Years in the Mountains of Kurdistan...

Sukru M. Hanioglu, A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire, Princeton University Press, 2008, $32.95, 241 pages.JSAS.


Rfiat N. Bali, A Scapegoat for All Seasons: the Dönmes or Crypto-Jews of Turkey, (Istanbul: Isis Publications, 2008) 416 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Arslan Bulut, Gizli Ermeniler, (Hidden Armenians), (Istanbul: Bilgeoğuz Publishing, 2010) 380 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Adem Ölmez, İstanbul Ermeni Olayları ve Yahudiler (The Istanbul Armenian Events and the Jews), (Istanbul: Kurtuba Publishing, 2010) 272 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Mustafa Armağan, Abdulhamid’in Kurtlarla Dansı ([Abdulhamid’s Dance With the Wolves), (Istanbul: Tımaş Printing, 2009), 326 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Ahmed Cevdet, Sultan Abdulham’de Arzlar (Ma’ruzat) (Exposes Presented to Sultan Abdulhamid), Transcribed from the original Ottoman into Modern Turkish and prepared for publication by Yusuf Halacoğlu, (Istanbul: Babiali Cultural Press, 2010) 292 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Ramazan Erhan Güllü, Antep Ermenileri: Sosyal-Siyasi ve kültürel Hayatı (Ainteb Armenians: Their Socio-Political and Cultural Life), (Istanbul: IQ Kultur Publishing, 2010) 512 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Necla Gunay, Maraş’ta Ermeniler ve Zeytun İsyanları (Marash Armenians and the Zeytun Rebellions), (Istanbul: IQ Kultur Publishing, 2007) JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

İbrahim Ethem Atnur, Türkiye’de Ermeni Kadınları ve Çocukları Meselesi: 1915-1923 (The issue of Armenian Women and Children in Turkey: 1915-1923), (Istanbul: Babil Publishing, 2005) 360 pages, JSAS, Fall 2010 issue (in publication).

Sükrü Hanioğlu, A Brief History of the Ottoman Empire, (Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 2010) JSAS, Fall 2010 Issue.

Armand Kirakossian, Britanakan Divanagitutyune ew Arevmtahayutyan Khentire: 1830-1914 (British Diplomacy and the Issue of Western Armenians: 1830-1914), (Yerevan: National Academy of the Republic of Armenia, 1999), Asbarez, January 2003,

Mehlika Aktok Kasgarli, Kilikia Tabi Ermeni Baronlugu Tarihi, (Ankara: Altincioglu Matbaasi, 1990) Armenian Review, Boston, Vol. 43 #1/169.

Bertha Nakshian Ketchian, In the Shadow of the fortress: The Genocide Remembered, (Cambridge: The ZORIAN Institute, Survivors Memoirs 1, 1988 and John Yervant, Needle, Thread and Buttons, (Cambridge: The ZORIAN Institute Survivors Memoirs 2, 1988) Jusur, (The UCLA Journal for Middle Eastern Studies), Los Angeles, Vol. 5, 1989.

I. Documentary/Videos

40th Anniversary of Armenian Studies at UCLA, an 18-minute documentary co-produced with Ani Kevorkian-Hovannisian, November 2002, Los Angeles, Ca.

VII. Academic Employment Experience:

2001-2003, Lecturer, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, California State University, Northridge. Courses taught: Armenian Language, History, Culture.

1998-2003, Lecturer, Dept. of Language Arts, Glendale Community College, Ca., Courses taught: Armenian 101, Armenian 102,Armenian 115, Armenian 116.

1998 -1999, Lecturer, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, UCLA. Courses taught: Armenian 101A, 101B and 101C, Armenian 102A, 102B and 102C. Armenian 150A.

1991-1998, Teaching Fellow, department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA, Courses taught: Armenian 101A, 101B and 101C, Armenian 102A, 102B and 102C. Armenian 150A.

1991-1996, Curriculum developer, textbook researcher, writer, "Armenian History Textbooks Project," Western Prelacy of Armenian Apostolic Church of America.

1991-1997, Lecturer, Armenian History, the Mkhitarian Educational Foundation, Armenian Studies Program, Los Angeles, California. Courses taught: History of Armenia and Armenian People 103, 203, and 303.

1991-1993, Lecturer, Armenian History, University of La Verne, La Verne, California, courses taught: Intermediate and advanced level Armenian History, Armenian Political Institutions, The Armenian Question, The Armenian Genocide.

1991-1992, Instructor, Armenian History and Literature (Grade 12), Ferahian Armenian High School, Encino, California.

1990-1991, Reader, for upper division courses in Near Eastern History, UCLA.

1988-1990, Lecturer, Armenian History, Armenian Relief Society's Summer Studies program, Amherst College, Massachusetts.

1995-1996, Lecturer, Armenian Summer Studies Program, Amherst College, Massachusetts.

1988 -1990, Circulation Editor, JUSUR, The UCLA Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

1986 -1990, Research Assistant, Department of History, UCLA, Professor Richard G. Hovannisian, Research in Armenian, Turkish and Ottoman primary archives and scholarly publications.

VIII. Other Employment Experience:

2003, Present, Owner/CEO, GKM Consulting; Research, Translation, Interpretation; various projects for Federal departments including DOJ (Virtual Translation Portal), State Department (Language Officer), and Fortune 500 companies.

2007, Language Officer: US Dept. of State (SF 87 background check)

1995, Translator/Interpreter for Armenian (Eastern and Western Dialects), Arabic, Turkish, Azeri, Ottoman Turkish and Classical Armenian: Translation, Interpretation, Language Manipulation, Negotiation in complex situations and programs. Translation and interpretation credentials from American translators Association (ATA), ProZ (Professional Translator Designation), as well as certification/Exams from Graduate School in all languages mentioned.

2003-2005, Analyst/Linguist: Contracted with Federal intelligence agencies to work overseas (including Iraq) for translation, linguistic, and analytical purposes.

1999-2001, Principal, Mesrobian Elementary and High School, Pico-Rivera, California

1996-1999, Vice-Principal, Chamlian Armenian School, Glendale, California.

1989-1993, Political Editor and News Commentator, Horizon Armenian Television Program, Los Angeles, California.

1990-1991, Acting Editor, Asbarez Armenian Daily Newspaper, Glendale, California

1986 -1990, Member, Editorial Board, Asbarez Armenian Daily Newspaper, Glendale, California.

1987, Member, Editorial Board (Summer Internship) Hairenik Armenian Daily Newspaper, Boston, Massachusetts.

1979-1983, Member, Editorial Board, Aztag Armenian Daily Newspaper Beirut, Lebanon.

1979, Freelance writer, for Armenian media in general.

IX. Awards, Fellowships and Scholarships: “International Faculty Award,” London, UK, 2002-2003.

"The National Dean’s Honor List," 1984-1985.

"Who is who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges," 1985-1986.

"Non-Resident Tuition Fellowship," UCLA 1986-1990.

"Research Assistant Fellowship," UCLA 1986-1989.

"Teaching Fellowship," UCLA 1992-1998.

"Mangasarian Graduate Fellowship," UCLA 1989-1990.

"Lazarian Graduate Fellowship," Boston, Mass., 1992-1995.

"Armenian Students Association of America," scholarship, New Jersey, 1987-1988, 1991-1992.

"Garikian," scholarship, Western Prelacy of Armenian Apostolic Church of America, Los Angeles, CA 1987-1989.

"Armenian Professional Society of Los Angeles," scholarship, 1988-1989, 1993-1994.

"Kumrooyan," scholarship, Thousand Oaks, CA 1987-1989.

"Gulbenkian" scholarship, Lisbon, Portugal, 1985-1986.

"Armenian General Benevolent Union" scholarship, New York, 1987-1989.

"Armenian Missionary Association of America," scholarship, Paramus, New York, 1985-1986.

"Union of Marash Armenians," scholarship, New York, NY 1986-1987.

"Armenian Educational Foundation" Graduate Fellowship, Los Angeles, 1996-1997, 1997-1998.

X. Languages:

English French (reading and research) Arabic (all Middle-Eastern dialects) Modern Turkish Ottoman Turkish Modern Armenian (Eastern & Western dialects) Classical Armenian.

XI. Membership in Academic Organizations and Associations:

Society for Armenian Studies (SAS) Member, Board of Directors, 2002-2005

National Association for Armenian Studies And Research (NAASR)

Middle East Studies Association (MESA)

Center for Eurasian Studies (CESS) Los Angeles World Affairs Council

Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF), Member, Board of Directors, 1998-2001

UCLA Alumni Association

Univ. of La Verne Alumni Association

XIII. On-Line Presence: Facebook


Dealing with ottoman documents: A letter that was delivered 95 years late

Introduction and forward to my book: “Archival documents of the Viennese Armenian Turkish Platform”

National security issues blog

Armenian History Textbooks: Grades 4 through 9

“Correspondence with a Turkish Friend” blog

“Jihad Curriculum in Egypt’s Azharite Schools” blog

“My publications” blog

“Antoine Saadeh and the Qawmi Party” blog