Fire and Sword in the Caucasus

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Fire and Sword in the Caucasus
Author Luigi Villari
Publication Year 1906
Publishing City London
Short Description Travelogue - balanced account of the revolutionary events of 1905-1906 in the Caucasus by Italian.
Format Hardbound, eBook
Language English
Category History


The cover and pages 1-4 (the half-title, frontispiece, title page, copyright notice)

Prefatory note

Table of contents (as in the book)

List of illustrations

“Chronological table of recent events in the Caucasus”

Chapter I The Caucasus, its peoples, and its history

Chapter II Eastward ho!

Chapter III Batum

Chapter IV Kutais and the Georgian movement

Chapter V The Gurian “republic”

Chapter VI Tiflis

Chapter VII Persons and politics in the Caucasian capital

Chapter VIII Armenians, Tartars, and the Russian government

Chapter IX Baku and the Armeno-Tartar feud

Chapter X Bloodshed and fire in the oil city

Chapter XI The land of Ararat

Chapter XII The heart of Armenia

Chapter XIII Russia's new route to Persia

Chapter XIV Nakhitchevan and the May massacres

Chapter XV Alexandropol and Ani

Chapter XVI Over the frosty Caucasus

Chapter XVII Recent events in the Caucasus


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