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Ethan Boroian

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Ethan Boroian

Ethan Boroian was born on the 26th of October 1989 in Illinois and moved to France at the age of two.

He began playing guitar at 13; joining a band with two of his friends after playing guitar for only a few months. The band, “Jona’s Basement”, focused on rock music and played various clubs, including New Morning in Paris. It was only after the band broke up in 2003 that Ethan began approaching different styles of music. After a year of playing strictly Blues and Jazz, Ethan decided to move forward looking at other genres. Ethan started to write his own music at the age of fifteen, and has never looked back. Now living in England while he studies at Royal Holloway University of London, he still finds the time to write music and dreams of people all over the world listening to his music.

His X-Factor performance was a big hit on Youtube, and the judges unanimously loved him. He says in his blog his last name is Armenian.

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