Edmond Kirazian

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Known as "Kiraz", is a famous French Cartoonist. Born in Cairo in 1923 of Armenian parents. He attended the French College of Cairo (Frères des écoles chrétiennes). He did his first painting at age 10. This first painting is now exhibited in the Armenian Catholic Church of Baghdad, and is known there as a 'miraculous painting'.

After a few years publishing caricatures in Egyptian newspapers, Kiraz moved to Paris in 1946 where he paints and also publishes caricatures in French newspapers.

In 1959, he is noticed by Marcel Dassault (the famous French - aeronautic engineer who manufactured the famous French Mirage fighterplanes) who is the publisher of the Magazine weekly "Jours de France". Kiraz creates the cartoon character of the beautiful "Parisian woman" and publishes regularly in that Magazine till the death of Dassault (1987).

Kiraz has also published in Playboy Magazine. He has published quite a few albums.