Edmond Ibrahimian

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Edmond Ibrahimian is a computer scientist.

Lebanese Armenian, Ibrahimian became famous for his activities in pharmacy and WWW (World Wide Web).

By 2005 38-year-old, Ibrahimian was educated at Broummana high school and AUB (American Univertsity of Beirut). He left Lebanon in 1982 to study in the US where he gained a PhD in computer science.

Ibrahimian was well-known among Lebanese for work with search engines, the websites that function as information finders on the Internet. He has designed Lebhost, the first search engine exclusively “dedicated to collecting data on anything related to Lebanon"

Ibrahimian was also the brains behind Green Cedars, a Lebanon webhosting platform where people can create their own sites for free. It is all part of Ibrahimian’s drive, since 1993, to create an efficient information system for Lebanon and the Lebanese.

By that time it was a revolutionary service, Lebhost was the only search engine designed for a specific country and Lebanon is unique in that it has so many immigrants spread all over the world. Instead of zillion search results people could easily filter and find the ones related purely to Lebanon.

“The whole site smells of Lebanon. Lebhost is one way of bringing together the Diaspora,” Ibrahimian said.

As for 2005 there were around 700 subscribers with about 50 new subscribers joining every month. The growth rate was of seven per cent a month.

Another area where Ibrahimian had a big influence is pharmacy. He’s responsible for the software that helped design the impotence wonder-drug Viagra. Ibrahimian was an integral cog in the machinery that has brought smiles to the faces of many who thought they would never again.

As for 2005 Ibrahimian was seriously considering leaving the pharmaceutical industry and returning to Lebanon to concentrate on search engines and innovative software.