Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: E

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – E


Edz: Goat

Ee!: Egad! Exclamation used by women.

Eghǎv, ch’eghǎv: It happened, it didn’t happened; it was done, it wasn’t done.

Egoh: Come.

Egoh mechen elli: Come and try to get out of it.

Elǎm, g’ertǎm: I’ll get up and go.

Elli!: Get up!

En boy mnǎs: Imprecation. May you remain that (little) size!

En damarin mechuh kǎknim!: Imprecation. May I defecate in that nerve!

Enil: To do. Mun enim: I will do it.

Epeyi: A lot, a great deal. (T) epey: a good deal of, a good many.

Er eghǎr sants toun?: Why did you get like this?

Er: Why?

Ergǎt: Iron

Erig: Husband

Eris (pǎrtsi): Pillow case

Eristi bǎknim, tserkit bǎknim: I kiss your face. I kiss your hand. Exchange with someone freshly bathed.

Ertǎl: To go.

Ertǎnk!: Let’s go! Mun ertǎm: I will go.

Ervoug: Burnt. Ervoug hatz oudis, Yerousǎghim g’ertas. (If you eat burnt bread, you’ll go to Jerusalem.)

Es kudur, en kudur: This much, that much. (T) kadar: as much as; (P) kadr (Hind.)

Es leh, en leh: This too, that too.

Eshǎg: (T. Eshek) Donkey, ass.

Eshǎg oghli: Son of an ass.

Eshou boch, gǎdvi ǎngǎj: (Mother’s reply to child’s question: Mama, inch mun oudink?) What are we going to eat? Donkey’s tail, cat’s ear.

Esten, enten: This way, that way.

Ezhǎn: Cheap (P) Arzán