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Diana Dakini, a professional Armenian performer, was in Davao and gave an hour demo to a group of excited ladies in the Fitness Gym of Marco Polo Hotel.

While teaching the basic movements, she told them not to worry about their breasts (too small?), or bellies (too big?), but to always feel sexy as they dance to the rhythm. I joined the group as an observer, but before long I was gyrating with the class as well, alongside enthusiastic fellow columnist Tita Josie San Pedro.

Diana was fun to talk to as we later had an engaging conversation on dancing. She had impressive credentials, having performed in Germany, Armenia, Japan, Denmark, France and Greece.

In the Philippines, she has performed in Shangri-La Edsa Hotel, New World Renaissance Hotel, Prince of Jaipu (The Fort), Jools Cabaret (Makati), Air Force One Club (with Andrea del Rosario and Katya Santos), and Club Paraw (Boracay).

In Davao, she gave dance workshops, including the ladies of Square Circle (a well-known club). I sure hope they will really learn the true art of dancing from her.

Last time I watched them many years ago, they were just slipping and sliding down the runway to the music of Bon Jovi.

Excerpt from:
Sun Star, Philippines, June 7 2005

Work that belly!
By Jojie Alcantara