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AZG Armenian Daily #148, 23/08/2005



Second Stage of Navigation Completes

"Cilicia" completed the second stage of its "Navigation in 7 Seas," reaching Portsmouth. The trip lasted about a year.

RA President Robert Kocharian send a congratulation massage to Karen Balayan, the captain of the ship, and the crew. The message says the following: "Overcoming long distances and hazards, you proudly sailed under the flag of our motherland, displaying strong will and firmness." Arkady Ghukasian, president of NKR, said that it is symbolic that the first stage of the navigation ended on the eve of the 14th anniversary of Nagorno Karabakh's independence. "I am greatly proud of you, as well as all the Artsakhi people are. I am sure that your deed will be an invaluable phenomenon for the further generations and they will follow your example."

Sos Sargsian's letter is also very exciting. "I was with you in my mind during your navigation. I always talked to Zory Balayan and the rest of you on the phone, and only after that my soul rested in serenity. I am with you at the very moment when "Cilicia" has reached its final harbor. I am grateful to you that today we have "Cilicia" and I hope it will return to its native Sevan."

Serge Sargsian, RA defense minister, remembers the day when he first sailed "Cilicia" in 2003. "Few people believed that this really daring navigation would be a success. But one only needed to get acquainted with the crew that built the ship, to see its middle age construction, to realize how responsible and devoted these brave people are." Mr. Sargsian who accompanied "Cilicia" in the Strait of Gibraltar experienced unforgettable moments. Yervand Zakaryan, Yerevan mayor, also congratulated the crew of the ship. "This historical event let the flag of the independent Armenia wave in the Atlantic Ocean after 800 years," he said.

By Ruzan Poghosian

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