Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: C

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - C


Ch’ămchutsădz: Unashamed, shameless. Prefixed by vai! Woe.to you, shameless one.

Ch’eghnă: Will not do; there is not

Ch’umnertăs: You won’t go

Ch’umnoudis: You won’t eat

Ch’umnusis: You won’t say, tell

Chai: (P/K/T) Chay: Tea.

Chai: (T) Chay: Stream; tributary of a river.

Chaikhana: Teahouse

Chakou: pocketknife (T: Chakuh) (P. Chákú)

Chăkouj: Hammer (T. chekij, chekich) (P. Chakush: small hammer)

Chalghi: (T: chalguh) musical instrument

Chalghichi: (T: chalguhchuh). Musician

Chalghichinireh: (T) The musicians.

Chămich: Raisin.

Chamour: (T/K. Chamur): mud, dirt, clay

Ch'ămousnătsădz ăghchigeh kauts koti eh: An unmarried girl is a closed box.

Chănga: Jaw, chin, loquacity (T: Chene) (P. Chanah) (K. Chana/Chang)

Chankal: Hook (T. Chengel)

Chanta: (T) Valise, bag, case, knapsack

Chappo: Left-handed

Charchaf: (T. Charshaf- sheet, of a bed)

Cheh: No

Cheshid: (T) Sort; variety; sample. (Meg cheshid in: They are one sort.)

Chikǎfusky (Mom): Tchaikovsky

Chini: (K) China plate (T. Porcelain, enamelware) Ex. Chinii mechou oudelikuh tmtsou ki nishanadzit eriseh makour mnah. Finish the food on your plate so your betrothed’s face will be clear (without blemish).

Chivăn: Cord, string, twine

Chobăn: (T. Shepherd, rustic, boor) (P. Shaban, chaupan)

Chojoukh: (T. Chojuk: infant, child, boy)

Cholăk: (T. Crippled in one hand or arm, with one arm missing or paralyzed)

Cholo: Dim. Of cholak

Chop: (T. Cheop: Chip; straw. stalk) Agri chop: toothpick.)

Chorab: (T) stocking

Chorăg: Biscuit/cookie ((P) Churak: bread) ((T) Cheorek: shortbread in the shape of a ring.)

Chormis: dried meat (lamb)

Chortsoug: Dried

Choulama: Omelet, with egg, chormis, kavourma, vinegar

Chublăkh: Naked, (T. Chuplak: Naked, bare, poor, destitute)

Chuk-a-luk: pitter patter (child)

Chukhdăg: Twins (A. Choukhdag: Pair)

Churoug: Watered down or diluted person

Chut: Snap (T. chutchut: Press button)

Chuzză: Cry, as a baby

Coupa: (T: kupa: heart suit (Playing cards))