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The Boghossian Foundation (previously "Robert Boghossian and Sons" Fund) was established in Beirut, Lebanon. The Foundation is headed by Jean Boghossian, based in Belgium and Albert Boghossian, based in Switzerland.

The Boghossian Foundation first started working in Armenia in 1994. The Foundation came to support the newly independent state of Armenia, breathing new life into educational and cultural institutions by paying particular attention to their infrastructures and leisure zones.

Working through the Armenia Fund the Boghossian Foundation has to date invested more than two million US dollars in the economic and spiritual rebirth of the homeland.

In 2000, in collaboration with the Armenia Fund, the Boghossian Foundation established the annual “President of the Republic of Armenia Prize” to encourage the best specialists from different fields. These include people who have contributed to the development of Natural and Technical Sciences, Humanities, Physics, Information Technologies, Medical Sciences, Art, Literature and Projects promoting the development and spreading of Humanistic Values.

In 2004 the “President of the Republic of Armenia Youth Prize” was set up and in 2005 the President of the Republic Prize in the Nomination of "Classical Music" was set up with vocal and instrumental performance categories. The awards are aimed at encouraging talented and promising young artists, writers and composers. Also noteworthy is the “President of the Republic of Armenia Prize”, which is awarded annually to people who have made a valuable contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by emphasizing the importance of the crimes committed against the Armenian nation at the beginning of the 20th century.

Jean BoghossianIn the years following the catastrophic earthquake of 1988, the Boghossian Foundation has implemented over a dozen small and large projects in the Shirak region and Gyumri. This is the reason why the Foundation is officially registered in Gyumri. The Gyumri Our Lady of Armenia Convent Boghossian Educational Center, the Art College and the Gyumri Boghossian Park (2001), the Spitak Cultural Palace and the music school and also the Construction of the water supply system in the villages of Talin region (1994) are some of the most noteworthy projects implemented by the Boghossian Foundation.

Since 1995 Albert Boghossian has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Armenia Fund, which is headed by the President of the Republic of Armenia. In 2007 RA President Robert Kocharyan decorated Jean and Albert Boghossian with Anania Shirakatsi Medals in recognition of their great contribution to the Motherland.

The scope of activities of the Boghossian Foundation is not only limited to the above mentioned projects implemented in Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh. The Foundation is a long time supporter of the needs of the Armenian Diaspora and has helped preserve numerous educational and cultural establishments. The creation of the Cultural Dialogue Center in Brussels by the Boghossian Foundation is a project that extends beyond national interests, raising the benevolent activities of the family to another level.

Also, through the direct efforts of the Boghossian Foundation, the Jean and Albert Boghossian Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan, which is one of the first homes of modern Armenian art, underwent fundamental reconstruction and receives ongoing financial assistance.

The Boghossian family’s love of the arts and nature resulted in yet another large project: the initiation and implementation of the Yerevan Lovers’ Park (previously Pushkin Park) renovation project. “This project is two dimensional; it is both an ecological and artistic project…”, says Albert Boghossian. The Boghossian Foundation has committed to revitalizing a once beautiful but long-neglected park. Hopefully it will be, like the Gyumri Boghossian Park, one of the favorite corners of the city for people.