Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: B

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – B


băb: (T. baba) father

babam: (T). my father

băbis kinăs?: Do you know my father?

băbou perăneh kăknim: (T/A) I sh_t in his father’s mouth

băbous dughăneh?: (Is he my father’s son?) (that I should be accommodating?)

băd: wall.

Bădi vrăn jănj igă. Whenever a child wanders into a room of women discussing an adult subject, one of the women will alert the other women with this warning, which translates as, "there's a fly on the wall."

bădinjăn: (P) eggplant

badreh: burst

badris inchkhus guh badrtsunis: may you burst as you cause to burst

badrtsunil: to cause to burst

băg: (K) feudal lord; Ace in a deck of playing cards

băgăs: less

băgh: cold

bagh: tie, lace

baghcha: garden

băglă: (T. bakla) fava bean

bah!: exclamation of surprise used by women.

băh: certainly, of course

bahar: allspice

baharat: (Ab) cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, paprika, red pepper

bahrahb: old woman

baji: (T?) aunt-in-law

băk: kiss

bakal: (T?) grocer

bala: (T.bela) calamity, misfortune, evil (K.băla) accident

bălăsh: (T. belesh), (K. bălash) gratis, free of charge

balta: (T) cleaver, axe, hatchet

balya: (T.) bale

bamiya: okra

bănir: cheese

banka: (T) bank

banyo: bathtub

bărăb: empty

barab: old woman

bărbăr: (T/K) barber

bargoug: lying down

barushil: to reconcile, to conciliate, to pacify, to accommodate, to propitiate.

barushvil: to be reconciled, etc.

bastikh: dried grape or apple mash

bayat: (T) stale, old

bazaar: (P.) market

belke: (T. belki, K. bălki) perhaps, maybe, possible, in order to

ben: (T. beyin) brain

betăr: (K.) (T. beter) worse, bad, terrible, awful. Megeh miusen betăr eh: One is worse than the other.

bichim: (T.) manner, form, shape

bichimlămish: (T) showing off ?

bichimsouz: (T.) without form, shapeless

bilă: (T bile) even, actually

bilăg: (T. bilek) wrist. Bilăgnirti: your wrists

bilezik: (T) bracelet, bangle

billi: (T. birli) ace

billig: cockerel, infant’s penis

bindoutin: constipation

bitoun: (T. bütün) complete, whole, entire, all

bitsig: little bouts (vulva); term of contempt for a man who behaves like a woman

biyil: to hide or keep (something)

biyvil: To hide or keep (oneself)

bobol: (Ab.-baul) urine, urinate (for a boy)

bobozil: to squat, crouch, perform a deep knee bend

bochov tas: pot with handle

boghaz: (T/K) throat

bol: (T) loose, wide, plenty, ample, copious, abundant

bol, bol: (T) abundantly, generously

bondoh: fool, dope

borăg: cheese or meat filled pastry

borăl: cry out, shout

bori: (T.-boru = pipe, tube) horn

bostan: cucumber (K. garden)

boud mi: a little bit, portion

boujăkh: corner, angle (T. bujak)

bouloud: (T. bulut) cloud

bourghi: (T. burgu) screw

boush: exclamation used by women to mean Is that so?, Really?

bouts: (A.) vulva, pudendum.

bouz: (T/K buz) ice

bouzji: (T) iceman

boy: (T. height, stature)

boyagh: (T) dye, (K.boyakh: color)

boyaghchi: (T) dyer; colorer; bootblack

boz: (T?) blond haired, fair

bozh boghaz: (T. bosh boghaz:: empty throat) garrulous, indiscreet

broung: lip (A. broug: bound, limit).

buchil: to kiss

bucho mi: a kiss

bughchă: (T. bohcha) (K. bokhcha) bundle, packet

bughdunous: (Ab.-baqdunas) parsley

bughindz: copper, tub, kettle, cauldron

bulghur: cracked wheat (a Dikranagerdtsi person (see jajukh)

burdăn: (T.-birden = all at once) all, in a lot, complete

busăg: wedding (crowning)

bushlil: To begin, start (T. bashlamak?) Gana bushlar? (Are you starting in again?)

busoun brukhtoun: freshly clean and shining