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Armenian Virtual College (AVC): The Armenian Virtual CollegeArmenian Virtual College is the newest learning institute of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) – one that will carry on its lifelong dedication to Armenian education with an entirely innovative approach. Through online education, the AVC’s focus is helping learners acquire basic knowledge in Armenian studies. It offers several certificate programs and credit-bearing courses in Armenian education at the college level. Certificates and credits that you can earn from home, at work, or while you travel. AVC monitors, evaluates, and modifies its programs, policies, and procedures to meet the evolving needs of its student population. The AVC is currently comprised of three departments – Language, History, and Culture – each of which offers several courses in varying skill levels.

In order to truly accomplish the institute’s aim to widen the reach of Armenian education worldwide, the program is been made available in six languages: Armenian Language (Eastern & Western), English, Russian, French and Spanish.

Through the use of both synchronous and asynchronous communications, AVC allows students to learn new material at their own pace, but also to confer face-to-face with their virtual teachers and classmates. In addition to weekly lessons, students will have access to multimedia study tools, assignments, quizzes, course calenders, syllabi, drop boxes, and grade books. Moreover, discussion forums, email, and live chat options will provide students with the opportunities to better connect with their classmates and to forge friendships with fellow students from across the globe. We are happy to answer any questions about the admissions process, financial aid, or any of our courses or academic certificate programs. For additional information write to


The AVC [1] project was initiated in 2004 by AGBU’s Silicon Valley Chapter Armenian General Benevolent Union, which had long noted the need for an educational program that better addresses the current demands of the Armenian nation in the Diaspora and Homeland. Since then, the technology at the heart of the project has been developed largely in Armenia with the collaboration of scientists and engineers at Yerevan State University Information Technology Center for Education and Research

The AVC is prepared to surmount the educational barriers, which have plagued the Armenian Diaspora for decades.The AVC aims to provide Armenians throughout the world the opportunity to receive Armenian education, and appeals to present-day students, thus extending the educational mission of AGBU.

While a virtual institute most apparently targets individuals, who do not have access to face-to-face Armenian educational programs, the AVC will also supplement the education of those who attend traditional Armenian learning institutions. The distance learning program will not only reach a wider base of learners worldwide, but also provide state-of-the-art multimedia resources to students and instructors in traditional Armenian educational system.

AVC leverages AGBU’s Armenian educational experience, infrastructure and quality brand name. It also leverages the global distance learning pedagogical expertise and use models. It uses the Armenian studies subject matter expertise and technology development expertise in Armenia to create its course-ware and learning management system.

Students can choose to earn credits for each course that they complete, ultimately leading to a certificate from AGBU AVC. Also, students may transfer credit from AVC courses to various universities and learning institutes across the world.

A new Armenian classroom has emerged and will finally be available to any Armenian, anywhere, anytime. Please take advantage of it.


AVC’s mission is to provide learners around the world the opportunity to receive a full-fledged Armenian education, regardless of their age, country of residence, or knowledge level.

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