Armenian Educational Relief Fund

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The Armenian Educational Relief Fund believes that the future of Armenia belongs to its youth. We also believe that every child has a right to a proper education. We are therefore dedicated to creating the necessary conditions that provide education for every child of Armenia. We hold that proper education starts from day one and therefore work specifically on Kindergartens that require the most attention. We are nonetheless willing to commit our efforts to facilitating the development of education in all sectors of Armenian life. Realizing that needs exist throughout Armenia, we work not by providing all of these needs, but devoting our attention to the most urgent situations. Many kindergartens in the outskirts of Armenia either lack basic supplies or have outdated ones. The Armenian Educational Relief Fund therefore provides the most urgent supplies to Kindergartens that are in the most impoverished situations. These supplies can range anywhere from desks, writing materials, beds, and even refrigerators. The donation of these essential supplies gives the eager young students of Armenia the basic elements required to start their education on the right track.


Armenian Educational Relief Fund was founded by the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Omega on March 23, 2006. Their goal was to travel to Armenia and donate necessary school supplies to the children in the outlying regions of Armenia. During the subsequent months of June and July of 2006, several Alpha Epsilon Omega brothers journeyed to Armenia for three weeks where they provided aid to Kindergarten #7, located in Armavir city. The project was made possible by fundraisers and donations by the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Omega. The success of this project motivated the brothers to return next summer in order to continue this method.


Unlike other aid programs, the Armenian Educational Relief Fund provides necessary supplies to kindergartens in Armenia, FIRST HAND. We have observed the dire conditions in kindergartens outside of Yerevan and have concluded that they require the most attention. Therefore, we select these kindergartens and ensure that your donations reach the children who need them the most by traveling and delivering the supplies ourselves.